Frequently Asked Questions (New and Improved - with answers!)

What's the deal with this store?
This is TursiArt, a place on the internet where you can buy Print-on-Demand art by Rose Tursi

Who is Rose?
Rose is me! Hello! You can read all about me on the About Rose page.

What is “Print on Demand”??
Also called PoD. This means that the products on this site do not exist until you place your order, then they are printed to your specifications and shipped directly to you from the printer I am working with. The cost per item is a little higher, but the benefit is I don't have to order hundreds shirts and have boxes of inventory all over my house. I have partnered with Printify to help make this happen.

So wait, do you ever see the shirt/sticker/thing I ordered?
I do order a sample of each product to make sure it will look awesome, and also to take additional product photos, but I don't actually ever see or physically handle your specific order. I live in a tiny house that is already overflowing with art supplies and cats, so trust me when I say this is a better arrangement for both you and I.

Where are these things actually printed and shipped from?
I work with a couple of different print facilities who have also partnered with Printify, depending on the type of product. Currently all products (Except shoes!) are printed in, and shipped from the United States. 'Merica ya'll.

I live somewhere else in the World, can I order from this site?
Yes! But your order will still print and ship from the United States (Unless you order shoes), so you will pay higher international shipping rates and then there are potential Customs/VAT fees you'll incur upon receipt of your package. These customs fees are all between you and your government, I've got nothing to do with 'em.

How long will it take to get my order?
It's not particularly fast, I'm sorry to say. Typically it takes about 2-3 weeks from the moment you place your order to the time the package arrives at your door. You have to allow my printer up to a week to work on your order, then another week for it to be shipped to you, then add an extra week pad time just in case, because sometimes it just takes that long – especially around the holidays. Oh yeah, and if you're International than expect it to take even longer. Basically what I'm saying is, put your order in early.

I need my order immediately, can I upgrade to express?
Unfortunately no, I have no way to make this happen any faster.  < Insert joke about the Amazon Prime effect, cry into beer. >

What shipping carriers do you use?
It's almost always USPS, but this is subject to change and entirely on my printer(s).

If I order a bunch of stuff, can you combine shipping costs?
Yes! Well sort of. Actually it depends. I use a few different printers. Most of the apparel comes from one place, so if you order three shirts, they are most likely being printed at one spot and can ship together! All the stickers are printed in another place - it actually costs the same amount of money to mail one sticker as it does to mail dozens, so it's super worth it to order multiples. If you order one shirt and one sticker, you are paying two full shipping rates to send two packages from two places. The good news is, when stuff can be combined, it's factored in automatically at checkout. Horay!

How can I track my order?
You'll receive a confirmation email when you first place your order, then in about a week when your order ships, you'll receive another email with a tracking number. If for some reason you don't get these emails, check your spam. If you still don't see these emails, let me know – I can also look up your tracking number(s) in my system.

My order never arrived / My order arrived incomplete or damaged. What do?!
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, contemplate the transience of all things, then send me an email and I'll see what I can do to fix the issue. Here is my full Refunds Policy.

Do you ever have sales or coupons?
Eh. Occasionally, but that kind of click-baity tomfoolery of jacking up prices just to put stuff on sale isn't really my modus operandi. I really just prefer to make things then sell them for reasonable and straightforward prices. If I do run a sale or create a coupon code, It will probably get sent to my list of e-mail subscribers or posted on Instagram / Facebook.

I'm confused! I found you on Social Media/A Shop selling your stuff/Someplace else and your work was completely different! Where can I buy your jewelry/props/crafts/etc?
Yeah I actually make all kinds of other stuff. I have another internet shop over at TursiArt.etsy.com where I sell totally different handmade jewelry and crafts. I also tend to sell my original drawings and paintings over there (if I don't sell them privately first.) There are also multiple brick-and-morter gift shops that carry my jewelry -some order wholesale and others work on consignment, so the exact list of stores fluctuates. I sell at a lot of festivals and events – I'm trying to be better with posting about them in advance on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I pay you to make custom art / illustrate my book / some other project?
Sure! Send me an email and we can hash out the details. Keep in mind I won't illustrate something I don't have the intellectual property or licensing rights for (in other words - no Fan Art) If you want me to illustrate your own characters or ideas, that's totally fine. We can arrange a work-for-hire contract where you would retain ownership of the IP.  If you just have a cool idea for something you want to see on a shirt, feel free to let me know about it. I'm happy to consider any requests.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? No worries friend. Just shoot me an email and I'll respond to you as soon as possible. Contact Rose.